Don Papa Rum

A premium aged, single-island rum from the Philippines, Don Papa Rum is created on the foothills of the active volcano Mt. Kanlaon, where the finest sugar cane is milled to produce sweet, rich molasses.

After harvest, fermentation and distillation, Don Papa Rum is blended to perfection by our Master Blender before coming together in an alchemy of magic in our bottle.

Sugar cane originated in southeast asia. The Philippines is historically one of the world’s top ten sugar cane producers. The island of negros, or sugarlandia, produces over half the total sugar production of the country.

Don Papa Rum

Don papa rum is aged for 7 years in 2 types of barrels:

First ex American bourbon oak casks.

Second ex American Rioja oak STR (shaved, toasted, roasted) casks.

After 7 years, the master blender selects the best casks, blends them, brings them down to 40% abv with mt. kanlaon spring water, chill filters at 2 degrees and then bottles the final product.

Vanilla, honey, candied fruits

Don Papa Sherry Cask

First aged ex bourbon American oak barrels before being finished in four different types of sherry casks: palo cortado, fino cream, and pedro ximenez. The resulting blend offers a delightfuly dry, almost nutty nose with a rich, fruity taste and wonderfully smooth finish.

Don Papa 10

Aged for additional 3 years, in which the original ex bourbon American oak barrels are re-charred, resulting in darker and bolder rum with notes of dried fruits cacao and hint of oak.

Don Papa Rare Cask

Aged for 5 years specifically in over-toasted barrels that enrich its fruity flavours with notes of cacao and oak, hints of citrus and a long, wild mint finish to enhance its distinctive taste.

Unfiltered, unblended, straight from Mt. Kanlaon to your glass. © 2021

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